What You Need to Know About the Breast Augmentation

What You Need to Know About the Breast Augmentation

India is among the top three destinations for medical tourism in Asia, and cosmetic surgery is something that requires expert doctors and cutting-edge medical technology which only the best professionals can provide you with.

Breasts are one of the most important organs of a female body. Therefore breast size is important to many women for a variety of reasons. For some women, Breast Augmentation is a part of rebuilding the breasts for various conditions while for others it is a way to feel more confident.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation also is known as augmentation mammoplasty or breast enlargement, is certainly the most popular plastic surgery procedure. This is a procedure designed to enhance and to improve the contour of your breasts by enhancing their shape and size, improving firmness, correcting proportional imbalances, ameliorating the balance of your figure as well as to correct the post-pregnancy breast volume reduction. This surgery is mainly performed for aesthetic purposes.

How it is done :

Breast Augmentation can be done in a hospital outpatient facility or a surgical center, typically performed using general anesthesia. It is executed by inserting implants behind the breast. A breast implant is a silicone casing filled either with silicone gel or saline.

Saline implants are placed (or inserted) empty and then filled with disinfected salt water once they're in place whereas silicone implants are pre-filled with silicone gel.

The shape may be round or tear-drop shaped. The surface may be smooth or textured.

Life post Breast Augmentation :

This particular surgery is performed by using a surgical technique i.e; after making an incision either under your arm or around your nipple. The resulting scars are easily concealed and unobtrusive, even to the patient herself.

India the Hub of Medical Tourism for Popular Cosmetic Procedures

Most patients are allowed to leave the house within the next day or two. You can also expect to walk around on your own a few hours after surgery. You may feel aching the first week or so, and you will need to constrain vigorous exercise for approximately 4-6 weeks.

Other benefits of Breast Augmentation :

  • You'll be more confident
  • You'll have more symmetrical breasts
  • You'll restore a youthful appearance
  • Your new breasts will look natural
  • There are a few risks
  • You'll be satisfied
  • It'll be simpler to shop for clothes

Why travel for Cosmetic Surgery?

The reason is most insurances and national health plans, cosmetic surgeries are not covered. The cost of surgery is borne by the patient 100% and may be very costly in their locality. Also, 35-75% of the cost of plastic surgery can be saved by traveling abroad, depending on the procedure and the country. India provides a much more affordable and economical cosmetic surgery as compared to other countries internationally. Multiple businesses offer wide-ranging vacation packages that comprise cosmetic surgery. The offers consist of private amenities and tout 'highly skilled' and 'credentialed' therapeutic staff.

What NOT to expect from this surgery :

  • Breast implant doesn't prevent breast from sagging. If you have to sag, a breast lift procedure can be combined with breast augmentation
  • Breast implant might hamper breast-feeding.
  • Insurance doesn't cover breast implants.
  • An additional surgery might be needed after breast implant removal.

Why choose India for Breast Augmentation?

Our plastic surgeon is a double American board-certified surgeon and as being said for Breast Augmentation, you need to meet with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon for a consultation. He has over 30 years of experience in cosmetic surgery making him the finest Breast Augmentation surgeon in Delhi, India. He is internationally known for his expertise in breast surgeries, performs this procedure with the latest techniques which minimize downtime accelerated healing, and with scars that are not visible. Rated absolute BEST in the cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery.