Supplies that can Make Recovery from Rhinoplasty Surgery in India Smooth!

Rhinoplasty Surgery in India

Nose job, also known as Rhinoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed for improving the shape and size of the nose, bringing balance and symmetry to the face of a person. Before undergoing nose surgery, many patients are worried about the recovery and inquire about the measures that can be taken to prepare for the big day. 

Along with reading the instructions of the surgeon, it is important to understand what all it takes to recover from nose surgery. You should take out time to prepare for the surgery so that you can fully focus on the recovery. To ensure you get comfort after surgery, it is helpful to buy the supplies before nose surgery


Make sure you have antibiotics and pain medications ready for use after the procedure. Remember you cannot visit the pharmacy right after the nose surgery, it is strongly recommended to fill the prescriptions ahead of time. also, you want to stock up some natural supplements that can help you in reducing the post-surgery bruising and swelling. 

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There are certain additional medicines that the surgeon would prescribe for reducing swelling and bruising. Finally, do not forget to purchase a stool softener or laxative before the surgery, as the strong pain medication prescribed might cause constipation. An intake of laxative or stool softener can be of great help.

Berries or Frozen Peas

Icing your cheeks and nose after the procedure can help in reducing the swelling and lessen the possibility of bruising. However, using the bag of berries or frozen peas is much better than ice packs. Make sure that you adhere to the surgeon’s instructions related to the icing.


Gearing up for rhinoplasty surgery in India, better stock up your fridge with a variety of snacks that are low in sodium and high in protein. Soft food items such as applesauce, soups, shakes, and yogurt are recommended for the initial few days to make it easy for your facial muscles. Drink plenty of fluids so that you can stay hydrated. Buy juice, Gatorade, flavored water. Saltine crackers are recommended for combating nausea. 

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U-Shaped Travel Pillow

To reduce swelling after rhinoplasty, it is advised to sleep with your head elevated. Though having a recliner is the best option, you can also elevate your head with several pillows. Investing in a U-shaped travel pillow helps you in keeping head in place while ensuring the neck gets proper support while sleeping in an upright position. 

Lozenges and Lip Balm 

Once nose surgery is done, you cannot breathe through your nose for days after the procedure, thus your mouth might feel dry. Lip balm helps in keeping the lips hydrated and prevents chapping of lips. Buying Hard Candies or Lozenges is a great way to keep your mouth moist because your nose would be congested after the procedure making you breathe through your mouth instead of the nose.


Expect to feel some congestion after nose surgery. As mentioned above, you would be breathing through your mouth for the few days following nose surgery. Consequently, your lips and mouth would become dry and chapped. This is where a humidifier can help to counteract and improve this dryness so that you can feel comfortable throughout the recovery process. 

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Stocking up the right kind of supplies can help you in smooth recovery from rhinoplasty surgery in India. Most importantly, follow the surgeon’s instructions to recover properly.  

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