Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty Surgery for Men

abdominoplasty surgery in India

Nowadays, a high percentage of men are opting for abdominoplasty surgery in India for several reasons. However, the one common reason behind the increasing rate of cosmetic surgeries among men is to look slim, young, and energetic. At medical India tourism, we aim to break the stereotype regarding male plastic surgery. But there is a prevailing misconception among people regarding the tummy tuck surgery, and its effects on the body.

What is a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck is a modern surgery that deals with body contouring and body sculpting, especially to those who are aging and experiencing a sagging abdominal area. It helps in tightening and flattening of the abdominal muscles. During surgery, the loose skin is tightened, made flatter and firmer, and the excess skin is trimmed.

What are the benefits of abdominoplasty for men?

The tummy tuck procedure in men has several benefits. However, they may vary from individual to individual, of different age, and body type.

  • It helps in restoring the right proportions of the masculine body and making it look more attractive.
  • You can fit in trousers and belts of smaller waist sizes after losing the extra skin.
  • The extra skin folds of the abdomen will get permanently removed from the body.
  • The surgery will retain the shape of the navel.
  • It gives you an extra boost of confidence.

Things to consider for abdominoplasty surgery

There are certain things that you need to consider before undertaking an abdominoplasty surgery.

  • If you smoke, then you must stop before going for the surgery.
  • Give up on any inflammatory drugs if you consume them.
  • Check whether you have healthy body weight.
  • Make specific lifestyle changes as advised by your doctor.
  • Change to a healthy diet to keep yourself fit and avoid any extra weight gain. 
  • Consult with your doctor if you have any medical complications.
  • If you have any tummy scars, then remove it first.
  • You cannot opt for cosmetic surgery if any previous incisions or operations have been made.

Procedure of abdominoplasty

The abdominoplasty surgery begins with anesthesia, but whether intravenous sedation or general anesthesia will depend absolutely on your doctor and your body type. A horizontal incision then follows it, starting from the pubic hairline to the belly button. However, the shape and type of incision may not be the same for every individual and is determined, taking the skin type and body weight and excess body fat in concern.

In some cases, a second incision may be required around the navel for removing the extra skin of the upper abdomen. Then, the upper abdomen is pulled down, and the excess skin is shed off while the required skin is stitched up.

Once it is done, a new belly button opening, which was done before the stitching process began, is also popped closed and set in position. Once it is done, the incision is closed by the surgeon.

How much does the abdominoplasty surgery cost?

Everything precious comes at a specific cost, and so is the abdominoplasty surgery. Value plays a vital role in any cosmetic surgery, and over time, it's prices have gradually increased. At medical India tourism, we have listed down the prices according to the particular categories to keep everything transparent with the patients.

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It includes the Anesthesia fees, Post-surgical garments, Surgeon’s fees, facility fees, and Prescriptions for medication and ranges from $7,500 to $20,000. So, you may instead go for a finance plan for your surgery. Most of our patients who belong from countries like from Delhi, India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Congo, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Uzbekistan have availed some best medical products.

Possible side-effects of abdominoplasty

There are specific side effects that can be affecting your body after going through an abdominoplasty surgery. Such side effects include:

  • Anesthesia risks

If the doctor keeps an individual on full anesthesia instead of numbing the particular area, there are chances that the individual might not come to senses quickly.

  • Infections

During operation, there may be several reasons due to which your skin might get infected. It may happen due to the contamination of blood and different bacteria.

  • Looseness of skin

Sometimes, if there is more skin on your body than there should have been, then your skin might start getting loose after the surgery has been done.

How to recover after abdominoplasty surgery

The best possible thing that you can do after going through an abdominoplasty surgery is to take rest. Make sure you lie down straight on the bed and do not turn around. Otherwise, the cut in the middle of the body may pose to be a big issue to come across. Also, drink enough water to keep the toxins at bay and flush out the toxins from the body and prevent swelling.